AD group membership not Reported in Zscloud admin portale

Hi, we have discovered that on Zscaler admin portal there are lots of user that are missing group membership. We use azure ad with SCIM. Into Azure AD, the group are reported correctly but not for all the users into Zscaler admin portal. why? what is the issue? thank you

Hi @giovanni.baron

Is this still an issue? We just recently switched from using our on prem ADFS servers as our ZIA Idp to a newly configured Azure AD Idp and we are currently seeing this in our admin portal. Some users are showing up fine with the groups that they below to, but if I provision a new AAD user to ZIA, the user shows up but without any groups. I currently have a ticket in with Zscaler Support, but they’re convinced that I’ve got the Zscaler enterprise app misconfigured in AAD.