Additional functionality for the community

(Andy Logan) #1

Hello all,

We are alwyas looking at ways to enhance the funtionality of the community, and with that we’ve added a few components.

Dark Theme

You may have already seen the dark theme is available. Now if you’d like to switch between themes during the day and night you can do so via the Hamburger Menu.


Social Sharing

Find a post you’d like to share? You can post it directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook via the link button.


Copy Code Blocks

If you see a code block on the site there will now be a small copy button in the upper right hand corner that will copy the contents of that code block to your clipboard.

To create a code block just indent your lines with 4 spaces. Check out the Commonmark (Markdown) tutorial for more info.

Auto Linking of Words

Certain key words in your post will now automatically turn into links. These will typically go to tag pages, effectively building in a meta-search to your post, or a Zscaler external resource.