Admin console for 2FA authentication

Is there an Enhancement request to enable 2FA to the admin console for accounts that use User/Password only ?

We already have SSO configured but there are use cases where some accounts can only work with User/Password combination

@cleach @skottieb can you guys please provide feedback on this. It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement a SMS code to mobile or email for 2FA for admin users who use the Web UI with User/Pass only

I already raised this, no 2FA is available for Zscaler Admin portal, when you login from the Zscaler portal site.

The only way now is to create a Zscaler admin account and link it to an Idp. From the account options you can allow this account to only sign in using the Idp not User/password.

please correct me otherwise.

@Omar is correct. I cannot speak for Product Management but using SAML and an IdP that supports 2FA is the way to solve this.

@Omar That’s not possible with the Super Admin account and API accounts.

This provides an alternative but doesn’t solve the problem where there are business specific needs to have account using User/Pass combination

@cleach is there someone you can refer me to in Product Management. This is more of an enhancement request as the current system doesn’t support it

Thanks for the feedback. We do have an ER to track this requirement. We don’t expect to add this feature in the near future, but we do plan to address this in the long-term