API for configuring SSL Inspection Policies

I’m trying to manage SSL Inspection Policies via the API but don’t see anything in the documentation for this. We have implemented a Python script which manages URL Categories via the API, but want to extend it to creating SSL Inspection Policies which reference these URL Categories. Is this functionality exposed via the API?

I see that the admin portal web app calls an internal API to update these settings (https://admin.zscalertwo.net/zsapi/v1/sslInspectionRules), but this method seems to be missing from the public API here: API Reference | Zscaler


I would like to second this, it would be great to access SSL Policies via API.

I’m working on a script for a yearly recertification of the different rule types and SSL + Cloud App policies sadly seem not to be accessible via API by now.

I would really appreciate it if someone has a better solution to at least view all SSL Policies than manually parsing the HTML-Response/Source code from the regular Admin Portal.
This would be a very bad workaround, but I can’t come up with a better one right now.