ARM64 / Surface Pro X Support? Need ARM64-compiled Network Adapter Driver

Are there plans to release a version of the Zscaler app that will install and run properly on Surface Pro X?

While that app itself is x86/win32 and installs ok, the Zscaler Network Adapter Driver is the problem. the TAP driver install at the end of the app installation process fails.

So, you can complete the installer routine on HP Envy X2 (snapdragon), Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S, and Zscaler can be logged in/configured as normal, it will find the native AD rules etc as normal, Internet Security fires up and runs as normal - HOWEVER Private Access can not start because it gets a driver error due to the failure to install the Network Adapter Driver.

ARM64 Windows requires an ARM64-compiled driver.

Based on what MSFT posted here, ,

Recompiling the existing Win32/Win64 driver for ARM64 would take mere minutes, if not seconds.

Therefore, it is easily possible either release a newer ZScaler installer that is able to recognize the ARM64 environment and install the proper, newly-included ARM64 version of the driver, OR to simply release the driver fileset itself without worrying about the rest of the installer - it can be remediated by a separate install of the driver via the INF file, to get Zscaler up and running.

Just suggestions. There are multiple models in device release pipelines for always-on ARM64 Windows machines now that Microsoft and Samsung have openly collaborated with Qualcomm and validated the platform, so hopefully Zscaler will keep up with Microsoft hardware at least. THanks.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass this on to engineering. Traditionally we haven’t added ARM support because this required UWP apps which are too sandboxed for us to effectively grab any traffic on the system (let alone, install a driver…), but the ARM64 option sounds like a different approach.

Curious if you also tried the packet filter driver option, as this doesn’t rely on the network adapter here?



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Haven’t tried the packet filter driver, no. Would that enable Private Access?

Yes no need to go UWP. The current Microsoft Edge Chromium browser that was recently released with newly-included ARM64 support last month, that is great on Surface Pro X, is not UWP as far as I know.

In Visual Studio you load your existing project, select ARM64 as the target platform instead of x64 , and build.


Packet driver just makes zscaler work “differently”, its actually the prefered method of ZPA since the Z-app / ZPA 1.3 version (we’re at 1.5.x.y at the time of writing.)

The packet driver will make sure the tunner driver NIC is effectively no longer used


+1 for ARM64 driver / application btw

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Hi Eric - any chance you’ve test ZPA with packet filtering? I’ve got my eye on a surface pro x, but proper ZPA support is critical for me.