Authentication error AADSTS90072 using Zscaler and Azure for external contracters

My software is used by an organisation that has embraced Microsoft Azure. I was given Zscaler access to their Azure network so I could look after any database issues with SQL server within their Azure domain. My organisation also started using Azure for our email.

Firstly AADSTS90072 is not a Zscaler error it is an Azure error (sorry to those who already know this I am an Azure nubee and hopefully will die before I have to be)

SO when I was given by brand new Azure credentials for My organisation I entered them into my Outlook desktop app and clicked the dreaded ‘Let Microsoft take control of my life’ button instead of looking to the left and selecting the highlighted text ‘Only for this App’

Below is the offending screen. As soon as I removed my Orgaisations account from here Zscaler happily handshaked me off to our clients Azure account for authentication.

I hope this helps someone.