Autoconnect After ZCC Deployed

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Has anyone deployed ZCC and once the application is installed it automatically logs the user in?


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Ramesh M

Hi @ramesh.mani1

Yes, we are following the Customizing Zscaler Client Connector but once the client is installed. the user needs to manually enter their email to login to Zscaler. We don’t want user interaction when ZCC is installed on their laptop. Once the ZCC is installed it automatically logs the user in ZCC.

UserDomain switch and IWA(Integrated windows authentication) enabled IDP would needed to happen transparent authentication without user intervention.

msiexec.exe /i “E:\Zscaler-windows-” /qn CLOUDNAME=zscaler


+1 to this. We install with the MSI using quiet but also generate a verbose msi exec log as well. Pay careful attention to the cloud name and the user domain. We also hide the app ui so nothing appears during the the install (which is why we wanted the verbose msiexec log) :slight_smile:

It is definately possible :slight_smile:

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