Bandwidth upload and download limit on location

(Ramesh M) #1

Hi Team,
Is the bandwidth limit apply for a location is applicable for total bandwidth of the location irrespective of web and non web traffic. ?

Ramesh M

(Ramesh M) #2

Appreciate if you have any answers.

(Nick Morgan) #3

Hi @ramesh - Zscaler Bandwidth Management location limits are applied based on HTTP and HTTPS traffic only. Therefore allowance for TCP overhead (10-15%) and other non-web traffic on a link must be considered when defining location limits.

Hope that helps

(Ramesh M) #4

Thanks, but this is contradictory with where talks about two levels of bandwidth control one at location bandwidth limits and another is policies and classes.

(Nick Morgan) #5

Your initial question only asked about Location limits, hence my answer focused on that but you are correct that there are in fact two levels of control available with Zscaler Bandwidth Management.

  1. Location level limit (web traffic only)
  2. Shaping rules for individual applications, URL categories etc. (web traffic only)

So in both cases these controls are being applied to web traffic only (HTTP and HTTPS) and not to other non-web traffic.

Does that clear things up?