Best practise for "http-redirect" requests in Github (or other redirect szenarios)

Hi community,
at the moment i am dealing with one topic and i would like to ask for best approaches in regards to following szenario with ZIA.

In costumer environment exists servers (and/or other systems) which downloads content from Github. For these downloads the proxy connection should be used.

As an example, for a docker-compose download the following URLs:

To filter and to create costum URL categories for constant links are straightforward as of know (either as URL or work with Keywords). However, in this case (or in other circumstances) a ‘http-redirect’ happens (http code 302) and redirect to following Github target:

This behaviour happens, as i have read, also with other Github links.

What are the best approaches in this case, to allow Download for Github (in this example; Traffic for under following circumstances:

  • How do to allow download for docker-compose but not for anything on github?
  • How to allow the redirect target ( without whitelisting the whole domain and subsequently allow any further files on

Thanks for your help and ideas in advance,