Better notification that ZPA re-authentication is required

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a lot of support requests from our employees that they lose access to internal resources? Then we have to remind them that they have to re-authenticate?

I would like to see the option to have a more aggressive message to tell users that their authentication has expired and that they need to login. A message that pops up in the foreground that forces users to acknowledge the fact they will need to re-authenticate.

Changing the frequency of authentication does not seem to help because our users still forget that they have to re-authenticate. So we end up with countless support requests saying they have lost access to the fileservers…only to discover that they need to re-authenticate.

There is a tiny, short lived, system notification bubble that pops up in taskbar, but even I do not see it and then have a mini panic attack when I try to open one of my firewalls and it does not load and I think the network is down…but then I realize…

Anyone know a better way that I can do this?

If you go to the Mobile Portal, Administration, Client Connector Notifications - Do you have both items checked? Most people I deal with see a better user experience with those checked.

Are your users using Windows 10 focus mode? I have found that putting Windows 10 in focus mode suppresses the prompts and taking it out of focus mode makes the prompts a lot more obvious.

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