Bypass authentication for a single user

Would like to know if below configuration is achievable…
how to bypass proxy authentication for a single user in ZScaler, i know how to do for websites.
here is the requirement for specific user.

Hi Peddi,
if the user is connecting from the trusted location, create a sub location with user private IP and bypass authentication on sublocation.

If the user is connecting from untrusted network, there is no option to bypass the authentication.

Ramesh M

Hi Ramesh,
thank you…

do we have any option to bypass proxy authentication based on associate email address or name

You could also send that users traffic (from the known location) on port 9480, which is unauthenticated.

thank you.
would you please share your inputs for below requirement that,

i want to disable the authentication for a complete specific location and then wanted to enforce authentication for group (AD group) of people and specific URL category # streaming sites and that group is created for media streaming only.

please let me know if you are looking for more info.

Do we need to change PAC file as well(return direct) for a single user to allow his traffic from FW on port 9480??