Can we install AV agents on ZPA Connectors?

Hi … Can we install AV agents on ZPA Connectors?? Anyone tried this??


You can install anything on the underlying OS for a ZPA Connector as the OS is end-customer supported/controlled…

yes but in case if it doesnot support any agent? will you customize for customers? or in case of any issues, Zscaler does support or doesnot support ??

We’ll support as best we can, but ultimately anything not part of the action Zscaler Application Connector binary is not in our domain of control. We have validated a lot at the OS level to build out the OVA’s, and many customers install App connecter on top of their own Linux.

Note that this is a software component, not a virtual appliance. The OVA’s and VM’s are suppled as a connivence, but, at the moment, the OS support and any other software packages are totally in the domain of the customer and/or our delivery partner.