Can you automatically login to the ZScaler agent?

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We are about to implement deployment of the ZScaler agent to our environment of around 6000 endpoints.
What we would like to do as they receive their new Win 10 machines, have the agent auto-provision to user and start the ZPA Service. The end goal for the user experience is to have ZERO popups and configuration for the remote end user to have to do. I do know it’s just entering an email address one time, but this is the business unit driving this request, not the IT department :slight_smile:
So is there a way to auto-provision this and have no user interaction required? Any suggestions will be much obliged. Thanks much in advance.

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Hello @wjackson,
What you are asking to do is entirely possible, with a SSO setup (e.g. Azure AD, ADFS, Okta), coupled with using a package deployment tool like SCCM, GPO or Intune, one can achieve a seamless deployment of Zscaler App to Windows 10 endpoints. If you are using Zscaler Deployment Advisory Services and/or a certified deployment partner they will be able to step you through this setup in detail.

Here’s some relevant articles to help you get started:

Hope this helps get you going.


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