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One of our most reported issue is due to after attempting to sign into ZPA users get the below error. We are using SAML to our own IDP. This is the redirect after sign in. They simply have to hit back and sign in again. Anyone else have this issue?

Paul, this most often indicates that the browser within ZApp is not able to resolve the ZPA auth service or cannot reach the service endpoint. It could be an issue in Zapp as well. Which version of Zapp are these users on?

We have not really monitored to see if it’s a particular version of Z-App. Most of my users were on

Paul, are you get logs from the users? If so, I recommend opening a support case? We had seen this in the past with older versions of ZApp, but have not seen this recently.

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Are these Road Warriors?

Yes this is happening to road warriors.

We are currently deploying the latest version so we will see if that has any impact.

We bypass Zapp for this URL for our Road Warriors.

This issue appears to be resolved in the latest client update for me. V2.1.2.71

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