Captive Web Portal issues

(Raj Khatri) #1

We are running ZApp 1.4.2 and have a handful of users when they travel to external client offices, the CWP page doesn’t appear and they are unable to get onto the Internet.

The Captive Web Portal Detected message appears but never connects, even after opening a browser and trying to access an internet site.

We have a case open but not getting anywhere. Thanks

(David Creedy) #2

Welcome Raj!

Some captive portals won’t automatically trigger the page to load (which is why we recommend navigating to a site to trigger it). Also, can you confirm if the site you are trying to access is HTTP/80 or 443? Some captive portals will be unable to intercept or redirect if the destination is HTTPS/443.

Have you tested accessing a plain HTTP/80 page?

Can you also PM me the ticket number you’ve got open, I can have a look from my side.



(Raj Khatri) #3

Hi David, thanks for the quick reply!

We have tried to access and but they are HTTPS. Do you have a recommended HTTP/80 page that you suggest for testing?


(Rajeshkumar Chemalli) #4

Hi Raj, you may try or


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(Steffen Probst) #5

Speaks for itself:

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(Raj Khatri) #6

Thanks for the site suggestions.

(Ilya) #7

Any update on this? Our users are experiencing the same exact thing?