Change of Username While Using Zscaler

I come across an issue where the user has just joined the company.
Initially he login zscaler using
The next day he requested to change his username to due to misspelling.

Now, when I checked on the user ZCC, its showing as the login ID. ZIA works, but not ZPA. I took at look at the Zscaler Mobile Portal and noticed 2 entries with the same machine hostname. The only difference is the ‘Last Seen Connected to ZIA’ date.

Now, what is the best method to solve this? Should the earlier device entry be removed? Should I just logout from the ZCC and re-login?

You need to do both. Force remove the old entry from the MA, and also ask the user to logout and re-login.

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Thanks. As it was urgent earlier, went ahead to force remove both entries and then ask user to relogin. It then update / amend 1 of the 2 entries back to ‘Registered’. Issue solved.