Client Connector for Big Sur and M1 hardware


Thanks for the great Zenith Live experience! Nowhere near an in-person event, yet great sessions and good and fruitful interactions.

What’s missing are the beers together! :beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Quick question on whether Big Sur and M1 chip are already fully supported by the Client Connector?

Is there a specific version and build to install in such cases?

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Thanks for the feedback @lucaberta. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we can deliver in-person events again!

ZCC version 2.2.4 is the version to use for Big Sur.

Since it’s LA you’ll need to request for this to be enabled for your org (either via the account team or a support ticket)

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Thanks for your prompt answer Nick!

Unfortunately that link doesn’t seem to work for me, this is what I get:

That doesn’t help me much… :frowning:

Cheers, Luca

Sorry about that. I’ve removed that link in the original post.

Here is a link to our ZCC release notes where you will see 2.2.4 for MAC OS Big Sur mentioned:

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Thanks Nick, no worries, I have just opened a case with ZTAC to get access to the 2.2.4 macOS build.

Cheers, Luca

Hi guys I’ve got Zscaler 2.2.4 and did read the notes. However, when I deploy through MDM and use those commands in the release notes Zscaler is still needing to be installed manually as the MDM is not launching it automatically like it would for an Intel machine with the same version. Any tips I could use that would allow a full silent MDM deployment like Intel based Macs? If not is there another version release that would fix that issue coming?

I have had. this issue with a a few other apps and this has normally been down to the launchagent that is being installed. It is not opening the App when logging in.

Have a look at the permissions on the Launch Agent that is installed and ensure you are not changing the permissions to it when its being installed. It needs to be owned by Root and group permissions need to be Wheel and it needs 755 on the permissions.

Hope this helps