Connection Error in Zscaler Client Connector for Private Access

We are using both ZIA and ZPA in the Zscaler client connector but the private access section service status always stays stuck on connecting and eventually goes to connection error. ZIA is working fine. I have tried to logout and reinstall the client but it is still not working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Could be different reasons: routing or firewall policy (the ZPA SE’s are hosted on other IP ranges than ZIA), conflict w/ the 100.64.x.x range used in ZPA, DNS not resolving properly, …

Some extra information on troubleshooting can be found here:
-ZCC troubleshooting: Troubleshooting Zscaler Client Connector | Zscaler
-ZCC Error codes:

If that doesn’t bring you any further, feel free to create a support ticket so we can go into more detail