Crowdstrike integration

Could anyone point to useful documentation for integration with Crowdstrike ?
(other than Integrating with CrowdStrike | Zscaler)

If this is set up in your environment, what is your experience ?

Some questions:
does it integrate with ZIA only, or is it also relevant for ZPA (such as posture check) ?
any benefit in case “Advanced Sandbox” is not enabled ?

Thanks in advance


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As a new CrowdStrike customer, I would also be interested in seeing a full list of integrations. I know there is one for ZPA posture checks, as we are using it successfully. You can setup a posture check to simply determine if CrowdStrike is running or get more granular by using the device security score.

more info on integrations: ZPA & CrowdStrike: What does this integration mean for you? (

In the meantime I have received implementation details.
Have a look at the attached solution brief.
SOLUTION BRIEF _ Zscaler and Crowdstrike.pdf (5.3 MB)

and implementation guide: