Demonstrate Sandbox


(Lior) #1

Hi All
Any suggestions for how to demonstrate the full sandbox feature?
How to simulate a file download sent to sandbox?


(Lior) #3

Thanks Thomas
However, none of the suggestions above instruct how to download an unknown file which will be sent to sandbox…

(Pablo Smiraglia) #5

a) Enable sandboxing for Office files for a given user
b) create an office file
c) email it to yourself at a gmail account
d) enable SSL inspection and have that user download the file from gmail
over ZIA (using a web browser)
e) the file should be sent to the sandbox

Creating the file yourself guarantees that there is no pre-examined file
hash within the platform.


(Lior) #7

Pablo’s idea was good, and I did use it before, but as mentioned, the money lays in demonstrating the spotting of malicious content… :grinning:

The ideal way would be to provide a file which MD is cleared from the db every few minutes…

(Jozef Krakora) #9

Hi, This is true, except that the file needs to also include some active content like a macro. Please individually message me for more details.

(Jozef Krakora) #10

Hi, Sandbox can be demo’ed via your local account team’s sales engineer who would know how to show full features of Cloud Sandbox. If more help is needed, I am happy to help with file samples.