Device Cleanup Suggestions / Recommendations

Hi, I’m struggling with agent cleanup. Is there a feature request already for auto device cleanup after it’s been aging off? Many of our users get new laptops, and their old ones don’t get removed from the console. From what I see, the only cleanup is when a user enrolls 16 or more devices.

Another suggestion for features, in the Enrolled Devices page, can we have the ability to sort by the columns. I’d like to at least sort by user ID so I can see how all the users with 2 or more devices.


I would like this option as well. We have just migrated a large number of user from windows 7 to windows 10 and all the older machines remain.

You can export the data and use something like Excel or PowerBI to view the data which gives you many more query options.

Agreed! Zscaler needs to improve ZAPP Portal to allow easier device/user administration. I need to be able to easily force remove devices with outdated status, older ZAPP versions, inactive users, etc…

Is there an enhancement request for this feature yet?

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. There’s a few different enhancements we are talking about here, I believe these have all been filed, I think I can summarize them here:

  1. The ability to properly search and sort the enrolled devices page
  2. The ability to bulk force remove devices
  3. The ability to flag devices for removal that haven’t been seen in a certain time frame.

Any I’ve missed there?

Also, we do currently have the device threshold option for cleanup. You could set this to something like “10”, and that would mean when a user enrolls the 11th device under their username, the oldest device (checked-in the longest time ago) is automatically removed. Just an FYI in case you hadn’t seen this.



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Hi David,

how about the feature to

  • show more/other columns in the list view (machine owner, onetime password, machine/policy name, last seen, etc.)
  • option to set the device limit to lower value than 8. Typically users have just 1, max. 3 devices in parallel; even with 8 (lowest possible value) old cruft piles up (and confuses mgmt. because the number of devices is so high, even higher than the number of employees)


Hi Thomas,

The first point would be covered by the generic improvements to the devices list. This would essentially become a fully sortable/searchable/customizable table.

The second point around the devices limit, I’ve just filed this. You can reference ER-6820 in future if you want to ask for a status on this.



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