DLP engine issues with ZScaler ZIA


(Alex) #1

We have issues with DLP-engine once enabled it causes timeouts for Gmail even though Gmail is excluded from DLP dictionaries like HIPAA and profanity language. After disabling all DLP rules GMail time-out goes away. I’m wondering if other ZScaler ZIA customers have similar experience. Thanks,

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
It’s possible there’s some new hosts we need to add to the Gmail application, most likely we’ll need some browser traces to identify the problem connection. Have you opened a case on this? Our support team will be able to advise on how to capture the needed diagnostics and apply any needed fixes (ether in service or configuration guidance).


(Alex) #3

Besides the issue filed in Bug-54380 with offensive language dictionary, there was an issue with taskassist-pa.client6.google.com is not defined at Zscaler as G-Suite application.