Enterprise Applications Accessibility

One of my customer wants to get rid off the VDI,so he wants all the enterprise apps like windows applications to be installed on the users laptop.Can he connect to those apps when he works from home.These locally installed windows applications may have dependencies with the SQL Servers and web services which are hosted in the company’s data center.

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for reaching our community, Given business requirement can be fulfilled by implementing ZPA.

Here is the over view:

User machine (Business Apps installed) + Zapp ===> Zscaler Cloud ===> Company Datacenter(Access private Apps include SQL/Webservers ).
SAML can be used for user authentication. Follow below article to get it started .

Hi Mohamed,

The information which you have given talks only about the web applications.I don’t find any information on Windows/Desktop applications.I am mainly looking for windows/Desktop applications accessibility.

Let us say I have a windows/desktop application installed on the User’s Laptop and this application has a dependency with SQL Server and Web Services.From the home network will my Desktop application wilI be able to access the SQL Server and dependent web services


Hi Kiran,

Yes, ZPA can carry Windows desktop application traffic - any client-to-server TCP and UDP traffic is supported. For example, this includes:

  • your SQL server traffic and web apps

  • RDP / Active Directory / fileshares

  • fat clients such as Outlook

  • even internally developed apps, as long as their back-end traffic is via client-to-server TCP or UDP.

Be well,

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much that was very helpful.I will go ahead and propose Zscaler to my customer.