Feature Request: Native MFA Option for ZIA Admin Accts

New customer here and I’m surprised and disappointed that the ZIA portal does not offer native MFA that can be enabled for administrator accounts. Every other solution in my entire security stack offers native MFA (auth app and/or SMS).

Even Zscaler’s Community forum offers MFA but your ZIA portal does not.

Consider the fact that ZIA is a premier security solution that is a ripe target for threat actors. The impact of admin credential compromise for the externally accessible SaaS portal would be catastrophic for any customer.

Dear, Zscaler will rely on your IdP (AzureAD, Okta, ping, etc), if you have a MFA enabled you will get MFA. Actually, looking security perpective is better that authentication not be on the same solution as Zscaler. Example: Imagine that you have a VPN solution, where IdP is delivered from the same solution, if there is a security vulnerability on VPN solution (very common), bang your company is exposed …