File Type Control Rule - Users 'Any'

Hi there,
Can someone please confirm for me that Users = ‘Any’ actually means Users = ‘Only those in the chosen department’ where a department has been chosen in the department list?

Elsewhere in the Portal (URL Filtering for example), Users can have a value of ‘—’ , which makes it clear that the rule only applies to the chosen Groups or Departments.



Yes it should mean what you say. Still you can test by making the rule and then using an action Allow to see in the logs that the correct users are matched and then make it Block.

Thanks for the advice Niokolay.
There does seem to be some inconsistency between different policies.
The help for URL Filtering is clear in that ‘Selecting no value (for users) ignores this criterion in the policy evaluation’.
However, it isn’t possible to select no value for users File Type Control policy though. The default is ‘Any’.