Geolocation of new subnet in Brussel

Hi all,

A portion of our colleagues get rejected by Belgian official websites using geolocation.

Some internet geolocation service are implying falsly that IPs from the new Brussels II subnet are comming from Swizterlang

Example auf wrong Location from (state 20230209 08:30):
IP Location Finder - IP Lookup With Detailed Geolocation Data | KeyCDN Tools → Country Switzerland (CH) → i’ve just send them a rectification demand, but can’t do that for all the geolocation services

What can we do to solve this ?

Thx in advance

Other examples:

… and probably others …

this depends a bit on how external sites do their geolocation; which service they use for that etc.
See here eg two different answers:

source: IP Address Lookup | Geolocation

If they only check for ISP they either get ‘ZScaler Brussels’ or ‘ZScaler Switzerland GmbH’, depending which DB they ask.
Would they instead check for countr/region/city both DB would give the correct location.

I’m seeing this every now and then around the globe, but so far could not find a real solution (short of sending such traffic through SIPA if/when i have one which ‘satisfies’ the externals access list)

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One example similar to yours i had recently was ‘government websites in egypt’.
They (not all but a lot which we must use) demand ‘Source IP must be from within Egypt’ → as there is no ZS-CENR in egypt the only way was to setup a SIPA instance in one of our offices there and route * via that SIPA.