Global protect and Zscaler Compatibility issues

Does anyone come across issues when we are running Zapp and Global Protect client together on MAC.

We have GlobalProtect with split tunnel mode and we are in phase of migrating to Zscaler solution. We deployed Zscaler with ZIA enabled for set users and people started complaining about performance issues.

After couple of tshoots we decided to log out from GPVPN and give a try. Right after user log out from GPVPN everything looks good.

we suspect it could be a VPN conflict and traffic routing is effecting because of this.

Would like to hear if anyone of you come across this issue.

We bypass Zscaler IPs in our GlobalProtect VPN without issue. Running 5.1.9.

Is there a reason you’re not breaking out Zscaler IPs in a split tunnel scenario to egress directly? This allows local breakout and typically the quickest route to the service edge.

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this we already doing it. Global Protect is doing split tunnel and accept only RFC1918. So all internet traffic is local break out for user and same works with Zscaler IP