Google Captcha issue

one of my customers is complaining about the google captchas. She is connected to ZEN node FRA4.
I have checked the logs and I have seen that the browser sends requests to google while she is typing.
This causes more than 30 requests in less than 10 seconds. Well, related to the size of google, this is less than nothing. :smiley:
But I am still not sure if this somehow contributes to the captcha issue.
Any ideas on that? :wink:

You need to provide more info. What compains is captcha slow or the user sees it too many times ? Do the issuehappen when ZIA is dissabled? Also look for issues with google captcha and a proxy if when connecting directly to internet you do not see the same traffic that you have shown:

Also see this article as from the picture I do not see a full SSL inspection so that Zscaler can add the real client IP address for Gooogle to know:

the user complains that she sees the captcha request too often. Solving the Captcha is not an issue.
SSL Inspection is enabled so XFF can be set. FRA4 is used as DC which definitely will create lots of traffic to google.
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Andreas is a zscaler address, shouldn’t google show the IP address in XFF header as the client address (

Also again check if the issue is the same with Zscaler Client Connector dissabled or change the PAC file just for the user to go dirrectly to google to see if there is an issue. Also you can make a custom PAC file for the user that goes to another ZIA node gateways by changing the variable ${GATEWAY} and ${SECONDARY_GATEWAY} in the PAC file to a specific ZIA node just to see if it is google not liking the FRA4 ip address and then Zscaler may need to talk to google.

That are my ideas and it is good to know if this issue happens with the normal google search engine web page or a web site that uses google captcha .

That are the ideas I have.

Thank you, if I get feedback from the customer, I will do some tests.

Best regards