Google shows origin from India (or any other country) for us-based ZScaler customer

(Alex) #1

We have an issue with, landing pages we get redirected to India even though we use ZScaler nodes in the US and our public ip’s are US-registered.

ZScaler support has suggested the following work around for the issue:

  1. Enable SSL scanning on the location.

  2. Enable SSL scanning on Google traffic only. If you are using PAC you can add the following exception in your PAC file.

if (dnsDomainIs(host, “”))

  1. You can bookmark “”. By using this, you will not get re-directed to incorrect Google domain or any other page. This is a method which Google provides to over-ride the default re-directed page provided by Google to a page of your choice.

  2. Create a new custom category and add " " in it. Refer to Zscaler Admin UI > Administration > URL Categories. Now go to URL policy and block this new custom category and redirect it to Refer to Zscaler Admin UI > Policy > URL & Cloud App Control > URL Filtering Policy.

I was just wondering if any other customers experience a similar issue?

Is there a way to resolve this w/o the blocking policy?