GRE tunnel between ZScaler and MojoNetworks Wireless

(Alex) #1

Just wondering if other customer were able to configure a GRE-tunnel between ZScaler and MojoNetworks cloud wireless SSID?

(Andy Logan) #2

Moving over to platform and networks, @Dhawal @Sumukh_Rao

(Sumukh Rao) #3

I haven’t seen any customers do a GRE from Mojonetworks to Zscaler. I couldn’t fine much on their website about their capability to support GRE in the conventional sense. What they claim to do is EoGRE (Ethernet over GRE) to handle layer two hand off.


I just spoke with a friend who is a TAM at Mojo and while he was not aware of anyone doing it, he says that “GRE directly from AP to wherever” is fine. So it should work in theory.

(Alex) #5

Ok. Could you ask them to put a document on how to configure GRE between Mojo WAP and ZScaler? Thanks,


Normal zscaler GRE requirements first. The tunnel will need to come from a static IP that you register with us. Once that’s set up you will get the destination ZEN info, and the tunnel details (inside and outside IPs). From there you’d have to follow their instructions for setting up GRE. They keep docs behind an auth wall so can’t send them to me to post here. You can reach out to your Mojo SE or Mojo TAC to get details.

If you don’t have a static IP, or need tunnels from multiple APs to the same ZEN behind the same public IP, you would want to use a router in your network. They do not support IPSec from their APs today.

Again you’d have to do testing. I’m sure ZTAC and Mojo TAC would be happy to help troubleshoot if there is an issue.

(Alex) #7

Unfortunately Mojo Support is not willing to assist with this.
I don’t even know who is SE assigned to my account.


In the interest of the best, and most supportable, setup then I’d recommend doing the tunneling from a router in the network then.

(Alex) #9

MojoNetworks_ EoGRE_tunel_configuration.pdf (1.1 MB)

Attached is MojoNetworks GRE tunnel step-by-step configuration.