How do I deploy CSPM and who in my org will use it?

If I want to deploy CSPM, what do I need to think about in terms of deployments? Which teams should I get involved and what does the process look like?

There are multiple user personas for CSPM. The most common ones are Compliance team, Infosec, SOC and Dev-ops.

The deployment of CSPM is super simple. It is a API based security tool. There is nothing to install in the network or on the endpoint. It is a SaaS based service. When admin logs in, they simply need to onboard their AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, Google projects and o365 accounts. We use tokens to connect to these environments and start scanning config data to detect misconfigurations and compliance violations. Scan is based on close to 3000 predefined policies and therefore, absolutely no configuration is needed in the product to get started.