How sync will happen between ADFS and Zscaler

Hi Team ,

We are using on-prem ADFS for the users and that is integrated into ZIA. so we have asked the ADFS team to add a few users into respective groups and they have done it but we are not able to see those users in our ZIA portal and out of 30 users we could see only 3 of them and none of them are showing in our portal.
so wanted to know what could be the issue with this sync and how to get all the users to be synced to zscaler .
Note - Yesterday groups has been created on ADFS side .
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Durga Chitturi

There are two provisioning options with IDPs, Auto provisioning and SCIM based prov3.

Auto provisioning- User and group/departure detials will configured on the ZIA portal when the user first time login agaist ZIA.

SCIM provisioning- this is API based provisioning between ZIA portal and IDP.

Adfs supports auto provisioning, so ask your users to authenticate themself agaist ZIA to see the same on ZIA portal.

Yes ! Recently have pushed zscaler new version with pilot users. now we can see only 2 users out of 30 users in our admin portal and we can’t ask everyone to connect to ZIA right ? and we have already checked the enrolled devices but even though last connected status showing current day but still we are not able to see the users .

Thanks in Advance .