How to earn points after complete the Certification

Hello All, I have completed ZCCA-IA certification but the points are not added.

Kindly help me here.

#reward points

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Hi @Vinodth, You should see a response soon.
@Brittney_Frenette Do you mind please helping out? Thank you!

Hi @Vinodth, I am looking into this with the team, I’ll get back to you shortly!

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Hi @Brittney_Frenette, Thanks for your response

Hello, this was a bug on our end, so thank you for bringing it up! You should see the corrected points assigned by end of the day today!


Hello @Brittney_Frenette, I have recently completed ZIA Professional, Seems it not reflected into badges / points, Could you please help me on the same

Hi @Brittney_Frenette , i have redeemed some points but i didn’t get the awards and no information for the same.
Could you please help me to track the award which i redeemed with my earned points.

Thanks in Advanced !!

Brittney has been traveling to some events this week. I will make sure that these questions are put on her radar! Thanks everyone


Hi Pardeep, It generally takes 2-3 business days for the rewards to process, and about 5-7 business days for the physical items to process. Looks like yours is still processing with the vendor. You should be receiving an email update soon!

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This has been added!


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