How to Zcc version from Mobile portal

How can we check which user has which ZCC version from Mobile Portal. In my environment, we have disabled auto-update.

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Hi Deepak,

You can check under enrolled devices.

Thank you for the reply.

That I know. Is there a way to check exact n no. of users have x zcc version, likewise. Like below image however it doesn’t tell the correct value.

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Yes, you can ,

In mobile portal

Go to Administration — > Client Connector App Store -à Personnel computer

This does not give the correct value. I have shared screenshot in my previous post.

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You can download the enrolled devices and do validate.

I have already done that, that’s why I am saying that the values mismatch. However maybe exporting the file is the only way to check.

Thank you !!

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Hi Deepak,

I never seen any mismatch. May be you can verify unregistered, removed counts as well if the counts shows high under personnel computers.

Under Personal computers, the count is low than the exported details of registered devices from Enrolled devices.