Introduction to SSL / TLS decryption

SSL / TLS inspection is critical in today’s environment. With north of 75+% of our traffic being encrypted on the internet we must have the ability to inspect encrypted traffic at scale.

In the old world where we could deploy appliances to handle the decryption, but these don’t scale well. We have to either replicate these devices to all our branches or backhaul traffic to a central location. Mobile users need to use VPNs or run intensive software locally. None of these are best practice in a modern cloud-enabled enterprise.

With Zscaler inspection at scale is key to what we do. We build scalable SSL / TLS inspection into our cloud to inspect all your traffic from HQ, branch, or mobile. There is no need to buy more appliances when your traffic increases. Your complexity is reduced, and you can enforce policy only on the traffic you chose, avoiding banking and medical for instance.

In this introduction to SSL / TLS inspection we’ll talk about how you’ve likely done decryption in the past, and how you can make it more scalable with Zscaler.