Is it a way to setup ZApp user configuration on a Windows roaming profile?

Hi folks,
I’d like to deploy ZApp in our infrastructure where our users have roaming profiles. They constantly change of computer depending on their shift.
As we have quite a lot of users and computers, is it a way to save the ZApp user ID and password configuration in the Windows Roaming user profile?

The goal is to avoid the user to each single time having to logon on ZApp as they will probably not do it and just leave the window aside.

Any suggestions/recommendations/ideas?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey Dave,

ZApp is linked to a combination of the machine and user. For security reasons you cannot lift the profile from one machine onto another.

You can set ‘CLOUDNAME’ and ‘USERDOMAIN’ installation flags to ensure ZApp goes straight to your IDP without user interaction. If your IDP supports Single Sign On in the browser (ie - users don’t get prompted for username and password when logging into it with a fresh browser) then ZApp should auto enrol without user interaction.

You can set ‘STRICTENFORCEMENT’ and ‘POLICYTOKEN’ to force a user to authenticate with ZApp in order to get internet access.

You can read about these flags here -

There are also pages for EXE install.

If you need support with the install flags or getting ZApp to be zero interaction please raise a case with support.


Joseph Stubberfield

Hey Joseph,

thanks a lot! Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:
I’ve one quick question for you. How does CLOUDNAME and USERDOMAIN would work in our case, knowing that we have a kerberos AD setup but we have recently migrated our mailboxes to Exchange Online and now, internally we have our local domain while on Exchange Online, we use our email address which is different from local domain.

Does CLOUDNAME and USERDOMAIN can still make the match? If not, what would you suggest?
Looking forward to hearing from you.