Is it mantory to have ZAPP v2.0 for Zscaler DLP

Hi ,

I would like to know if ZAPP v2.0 is mandatory for Zscaler DLP ?


Ztunnel 2.0 is not required for Inline DLP protection. DLP is supported with other forwarding methods such as Ztunnel 1.0, GRE/IPSEC or PAC, with SSL inspection turned on since most web transactions are SSL encrypted.

just to understand what would be benefits in terms of DLP if we turn on Zscaler APP 2.0 ?

I don’t see DLP as a separate exercise from cyber threat prevention. ZTunnel 2.0 at a minimum will ship all ports and protocols and provide at least L4 protection, and L7 Deep packet inspection next-gen firewall if you wish. All of that will only strengthen your DLP solution.

kulkarm2, just so you know, you are using the wrong term. Zscaper App (ZAPP) is the old name of Zscaler Client Connector (ZCC). This is the client software used for a number of Zscaler products (ZPA, ZIA, ZDX). ZTunnel is a type of virtual tunnel technology used by ZIA.