Kindly add the domain to SSL bypass?


Sometimes you need to add domains to SSL bypass.

But i am not sure.

When i look into web insights log,
if url filtering blocked it, okay, i make Allow rule.
If redirect is happening, hmm, it may be auth exemption.

How about SSL bypass?
Even if I look into web insight log, I cannot see hints showing it may need SSL bypass.

Someone knows how to discern domains needing SSL bypass with web insights log?

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ali

When you capture wireshark logs from end user machine will give some clue to add the domains into SSL bypass.


Thank you, Ramesh

But, what information of Wireshark will be hints?
If that hint can be detected in insights log, everything will move in quicker way.


You don’t need wireshark. Simply setup a PC with Zapp and observe the behavior with it enabled vs disabled, and if you can’t access the site with it enabled and don’t get a block page, then you know it’s SSL interception that’s the culprit.

Hi, Jason

Thank you for your commen.t

That is almost what I am doing as of now.
For ours is GRE environment, actually, I am adding all the requested URLs to SSL bypass without any tests or reason.

My concern is, I myself, human, may become security hole of my company.