Lansweeper is not working after Zscaler installation

We are using Zscaler Zpa, as soon as we implemented Zscaler we are unable to access Lansweeper. we are unable to scan our assets. Please advise.

I’m not familiar with Lansweeper but a couple things from a quick bit of internet research.

If you’re doing agentless lansweeper it looks to have servers make calls to WMI (etc) on clients. ZPA today requires client-server traffic, initiated by the client so that the microtunnels can be built. It does not support server to client initiated traffic. Please work with your account team and product management to get more information on roadmap.

If you are using the LS Agent, then the question becomes is it client-to-server initiated, or is there still a server-to-client component. If it’s purely client to server initiated (lots of remote tools are like this now), then it should generally work and you should work with support to review logs and ZPA configuration to see what is getting blocked.

Over the years I’ve found a lot of these asset discovery tools are really “network” discovery tools, meaning they’re doing things like ping-sweeps, and doing server-initiated connections because we’ve had a long history of flat or route-everything networks. That’s changing with segmentation becoming critical, zero-trust access becoming mainstream, and the Internet becoming a primary transport. Lots of these companies have already started looking at things like client-initiated connections because they need to work over the Internet.

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Thank you Mike for the info.

It is an agentless scanning.