Limit upload to OneDrive/SharePoint to a specified Microsoft Tenant

Anyone know of a way to limit uploading to ONLY a specified Microsoft tenant, otherwise you can only download (related to sharepoint and onedrive)? I can see how to do it with Google Drive using cloud app control, but not MS. Tried using a rule related to File Type Control and specifying URLs based on the desired tenant, but nothing. Anyone else had any luck on achieving this goal?

you will have to define a tenant profile under administration and then define a URL and Cloud app control rule

Hope this helps


Thanks so much for the response. The tenant for MS is defined. If you look at this article Adding a File Sharing Rule for Cloud App Control | Zscaler it states *

Tenant Profiles : Appears only when Dropbox , GDrive , or Google Photos is selected as the cloud application. You can select the tenant profiles for which you want to apply the rule. To learn more, see About Tenant Profiles.

So I’m still trying to figure out how to achieve this with OneDrive, wasn’t sure if there was a work around.

I think then you will have to open an enhancement request for this so that it can be included in the road-map

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