List of Zscaler Recommended Exemptions

Are there any available resources where we can periodically check to see what URLs and apps fall within some of the recommended exemptions? I imagine things are being added and removed to these categories on a pretty regular basis, so having the ability to view this list adhoc, would be very beneficial. I like the idea of having these categories available to use in policy, but at the same time it would be nice to understand what risk we’re introducing by using them.

Zscaler Recommended Exemptions
Zscaler Recommended Exemptions Office 365

@nateW this is not publically available, you can ask @itelhado assistance.

Just wondering here … may you share the reason why?
I mean if on one side ZScaler recommend something why shouldn’t this be public so that all customers could benefit from it?

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This question was asked several times here in the community (also by me some time ago, Zscaler predefined URL Categories and Cloud Apps).

It is a bit of a pity that there is so few feedback from Zscaler here, although I understand the “intellectual property”-thing to a certain degree…

We have chosen the manual approach and maintain and update the lists ourselves (could possibly be fully automated via API).



No doubt. I understand both sides of this. I think it is completely reasonable for a customer to know what’s being bypassed in their policy. You could argue for those that are that concerned, don’t use it. I like the concept, I just want to know what I’m getting myself into. Thanks for the reply, Manuel.