Load Balancing seems to cause websites to timeout

Hey all,

I’ve noticed as of maybe a month or so ago that something has changed on the Zscaler end causing what I will call “aggressive” load balancing with the zen. It seems that the public IP that our clients are being assigned is changing very frequently, almost on a per request basis.

Problem is, I have a large number of websites that we use where we login to a console that is validating your session IP address, if your IP address changes, it kicks you out. This happens whether we’re using the PAC file or the Client Connector.

I’ve been working with support but they seem to think this is “intended behavior”. I tend to disagree as I’m finding more and more websites every day and the only real option that I’m presented with is to completely bypass these sites in the PAC file, which i really don’t want to do. It’s made alot of websites completely dysfunctional.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?