Logmein does not work when Zscaler enabled

(mark bradford) #1

Our help desk uses logmein rescue to help remote users when they cannot establish a VPN connection. After installing Zscaler, we cannot get the application to work. I have added exceptions for all the logmein URLs per the logmein help pages (blanket exceptions, including SSL, malware/threat protection) and added remote help category - no SSL inspect, but the app is still not working. If we disable the Zscaler agent, the app works. Not sure what else to do???

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the community. Have you raised a ticket for this? I think we’d need to see the logs to figure out where this was failing.



(mark bradford) #3

We have a ticket opened, and we have been working with support, but the issue is present (logmein does not work with zscaler enabled).

(Gavin Barber) #4

Having the same issue - even more oddly is that on prem with ZApp disabled and traffic going via GRE it works!

Packet captures etc are being supplied.

(David Creedy) #5

Hi Gavin, Mark,

I’ve found your tickets, and I’ll have a review with engineering later today.



(mark bradford) #6

Would it be possible for Zscaler to work internally to test and get this working? I would think that logmein has a trial that Zscaler could use to test and figure out what needs to be done to get this working. We have already spent about 4 hours troubleshooting with and without Zscaler. Since other users (admins) are now saying this is a problem they are experiencing, the combined time of all of us could be saved if Zscaler support would do the independent testing and troubleshooting, and then provide the solution.

(mark bradford) #7

We finally fixed it. I ended up having to add this full list of URLs to the SSL no inspect. Originally I had *.domain, but later read that the proper format is .domain for a wildcard. After I changed all the URLs to .domain instead of *. domain, connections could be made.