Logout and Log Back in Users Remotely with API/Automation

We have been receiving multiple Incident from users every day where the user reports an issue with the client connector stuck in ‘Connecting’ state or stuck with authentication phase. Zscaler TAM recommends to try rebooting the device or logging out the user and log back in again. Working with each user individually has been a task, we are looking to automate this process where a user can get the OTP by themselves and log out and re log in again. Has anyone tried this before or have any input on how to automate this through script or APIs?

Monica Singh

I never did this,
But for same kind of issues we were executed below commands,

TASKKILL /f /im ZSAService.exe
TASKKILL /f /im ZSATray.exe
TASKKILL /f /im ZSATrayManager.exe
TASKKILL /f /im ZSATunnel.exe
del C:\ProgramData\Zscaler* -include *.ztc, *.bak, *.dat /Q

Zscaler services will restart which is same as on and off of ZCC agent.

You may try this through GPO push.

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We’ve build some automation with the API where authoerised people can request a users OTP through our ticket system.

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Great if you can share the script and work flow.

We are experiencing the exact same issue. ZPA stuck on “Connecting”, and manually logging user out (requires OTP) resolves the issue. Rebooting has not resolved the issue. I have not raised a case yet as I’ve only seen a few instances of this so far.

@GordonWright if you can share any info regarding your API usage it would be appreciated.

@GordonWright - can you share the script and how you define such user to be an authorized user in this case? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks