MacOS Charles Proxy Support

Although the documentation lists there to be seamless Charles Proxy and ZCC interoperability, I could not get it working without modifying my forwarding profile PAC for tunnel 2.0 to direct traffic to the Charles proxy port localhost:8888.

The default return statement in the forwarding PAC:
/* Default Traffic Forwarding. Return DIRECT to tunnel using Tunnel2 */
return “PROXY localhost:8888; DIRECT”;

While this works, it feels like a bit of a hack and it is bugging me that now each request will have 2 failed connection attempts before failing over to the DIRECT return. I have also noticed it is causing issues with some applications such as Gdrive sync and websites where websockets don’t retry the connection so it fails to load elements.

Is the interoperability working for anyone else and if not, are there any “cleaner” alternatives to the solution above?