Malware Protection Unscannable files functionality

Hi all,
I’m opening this topic to discuss about the functionality of Unnsacannable files functionality under Malware protection.

A few days ago I enabled this functionality into my environment but I faced a few issues and could learn from it.

1 - The functionality doesn’t allow any bypass policy to be placed, which means that if you have any trust source to allow, it won’t work.
2- The functionality is applied to ALL users and don’t take any exception. You cannot manage this functionality by location or userGroups.

A solution to implement this policy but have any way to manage would be to create 2 File Type Control policies under Policy - Access control and one URL Category to manage the URL’s you want to allow.

After creating your URL Category to allow, proceed:

1 - Create a File Type Control policy to ALLOW - Add the users/groups/locations you want to allow the action. - Add the URL Category which you created.
2- Create a File Type Control policy to Block - Users: ANY-ANY (or users you don’t want to give access) bellow the allow rule and also add the URL category.

By doing this you can easily manage the “Unscannable files” functionality to users/usersGroup and the type of file as well.

Hope it could help someone :slight_smile: