MobileIron Deployment PAC

Deploying ZCC to iOS using MobileIron. Using Global HTTP Proxy Policy to block all traffic until ZCC is open and the user logs in to configure the VPN. Once complete traffic to the iPad is restored. I have configured an if in the PAC file:
/* test MobileIron exceptions /
if (dnsDomainIs(host, "
return “DIRECT”;

The goal is to only allow traffic to MobileIron is the user disables or deletes the ZCC as well as to be able to still manage the device from the MDM. When testing I log out of the ZCC and attempt to access the Enterprise App Store. It appears to allow access but the store never fully loads. The store which is a web clip gets to the logo and just hangs but never times out… Also I can’t get devices to check in or perform any other device management until I log back into ZCC.