Not sure how to use Zscaler client connector in Linux

I’m trying the ZScaler client for Linux (ZorinOS 16), but unlike the Windows client which asked me to log on on its first start up, the client for Linux does nothing. I’ve seen applications where they run as service and it takes a CLI command to bring up some GUI. For example, when using GlobalProtect on Linux, the service would start on boot up, but I needed to run a command to bring up the gui to tell it to connect. I wonder if that’s something I need to call up Zscaler so I can do the initial log on.


Hi Daniel -

Zscaler Client Connector has been tested and validated on CentOS 8, Fedora 33, and Ubuntu 20.04 as per published system requirements info at Step-by-Step Configuration Guide for Zscaler Client Connector | Zscaler

The Client Connector hasn’t been tested on ZorinOS. However, since ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu so the behavior should be the same but I am not 100%.

Client Connector on above tested distros run automatically after you login to Gnome. You will see its icon on the top right menubar. You should also see (2) services in Ubuntu, one called zsaservice and another called zstunnel.
In certain corner cases, you might not see it. Example, if Client Connector is installed with the deviceToken and hideAppUIOnLaunch switches, then you won’t see it popup automatically.

If you suspect that Client Connector may not have installed properly which can happen if some packages are missing, you can install the required packages with:

% sudo apt install net-tools libqt5dbus5 libqt5core5a libqt5sql5 libqt5sql5-sqlite 
libqt5webchannel5 libqt5webengine5 libqt5webenginecore5 libqt5webenginewidgets5 
libqt5webkit5 libqt5webview5 libqt5widgets5 libnss3-tools  libpcap ca-certificates -y

I was hoping it was compatible considering that Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, I just don’t see an icon like I do with other service applications.

Do you know of a cli command that will activate it so I can start the log on process?

Daniel -

The Client Connector relies on QT5 for the UI and also requires SELinux. Please ensure that those packages are in place and enabled.

If the above packages are in place, I would suggest you gather the below log files and open a Support case with Zscaler TAC.
Installation log: /var/log/zscaler/zscaler-installation.log
Runtime logs:
/var/log/syslog|grep -i zsaservice

I just decided to go w/ Ubuntu and Zscaler works fine. It does seem to be related to Zscaler installer not being able to download various supporting packages when running on Zorin OS in spite of Zorin being based on Ubuntu.