Notification to end user during upload/download infected files

(Alex) #1

We would like to notify end-users when they are trying to upload/download infected files from the internet.
As of now the file upload/download would fail w/o providing any notification so the users think there is something wrong with the internet access/cloud application. Thanks,

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
When we block we will be responding with an HTTP Error code and page content to explain the block, however, some rich HTTP applications will not display this as the upload channel can be over a API styled call. Most clients (even browsers) cannot render the block page when it’s an API call that’s blocked. It’s worth noting that this is not a limit of Zscaler, but the underlying technology used in some of the rich web/SaaS applications.

We are looking at alternatives for messaging to end-users outside of the actual browser, however, the details on how this may work are still being researched.



(Alex) #3

We have this issue with Google G-Suite if this helps.

(Scott Bullock) #4

I’ve seen this in g-suite before. If you look at how g-suite behaves you’ll see there is heavy use of API’s to upload and download files, it’s on these transactions that we block. If you dive deeper into a debug tool you’ll see Zscaler is responding with Error Codes and Block Reasons, however, the App (in this case G-suite) does not pass this error to the end users, instead is sees a bad API call and throws it’s own error as per its own exemption handling.

Does this make sense?

(Alex) #5

It does make sense. I don’t kno if I can provide the same explanation to the users.

(Scott Bullock) #6

Dialling it to user-level, best explained with something like “Due to the way Google has developed the product, it is unable to show the blocking messages from our security partner (Zscaler)”

If the users ask if there’s any way Google or Zscaler plan to fix this, you can let them know Zscaler is researching potential solutions to improve notifications to end users.

Given it looks like you are a G-suite customer I’d suggest you speak to your Google team about this too.