Online IA and PA Labs

Hi team,

I am just about to start the hands on Lab parts of the ZCCP-PA and IA certifications.

Can anyone offer any advice, ie:

Should I do the IA Lab first or the PA lab first, any preference?
How long are the Labs, whats the time-frame allocated to the test?
Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I learned IA first. Setup auth, Z-App, assimilate group attributes for policy, etc. Master that and PA flows better.

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Hi Craig,

Welcome to the Zscaler Community! Both the IA and PA Labs are ~8 hours, run over 2 half-days.

They are tests in that you must successfully complete all the labs in order to be awarded the certification. But there are step by step lab guides to take you through. At some point we will create a ZCCExpert level course that would be a proper build/break/troubleshoot lab but we’re not there yet.

I would echo Tim to do IA and then PA but they are standalone labs.

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